Here is the the Remote Control script I made for Akai Mini Plus - please test

If you have the Akai Mini Plus, please load up this script I wrote for Cubase and see if it works. Thanks


You should add the tags for MIDI-remote and shared-midi-remote.

I have the mpk mini-plus and I would like to test your script. I’m new on this forum, but the link you posted doesen’t work. Or maybe something i missed? Could you help me to get your script please ? Thanks !

It works here.
Maybe you are too new to have access to the link.

fyi – all download links here are public. No limitations However, certain browsers will make you click some warnings before allowing you to save the file.

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Just tested link and it works… Try another browser ?

I tried another browser and now it’s ok I downloaded it.
Chrome wont open link and shows no message…
Thank you.

OK, thanks for the follow up. Please message me with Feedback after you’ve had a chance to use it.

About files I downloaded

  • Encoders (knobs 1 to 8) are not working (they are jiggling on min or max value)
  • Public buttons (like [REW], [FFW], [STOP], [PLAY] etc… haven’t dedicated function
  • Pads are OK they play right note

I finally made an “home-made” assignation and I think there is a problem of synchronism or script-editing by Cubase, because I’m quite sure, that if you try my homebrew you will experience same gaps.

are you on Windows or Mac?

I’m on Win 11

Ah. I’m on Mac. Prob lost in. translation :confused:

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I will share my mapping on Windows, but idk how to proceed… I’ll have a look at the documentation. But for now it’s not possible I’m over busy…
Thanks for your job and for your kindness you give me some faith in forums usage xD
Friendly greetings

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I’m interested in your windows script for the Akai MPK mini plus with Cubase if you get chance to share please.

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People having trouble downloading the file it’s because it’s hosted on http link (not https).

I using Chrome, you right click and ‘save as’ on the link and then and opt to ‘keep’ the file when chrome warns about it being insecure:

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Hi guys, I’ve created a Cubase midiremote script for AKAI MPK mini plus, it works really well. I can’t include the link here because forum norms, but check my Facebook page @carlos.ruperez and you will find the link there in one post. Cheers

Thanks for sharing :+1:
I’m going to try this later, this is the link should anyone need it/cant’ access facebook:

Has someone tried it? How is it?

I testet script works well, but only pitch band wheel does not work, and that is important for me

I just received Akai MPK mini Plus controller and downloaded the script from newsichome. Have you been able to make the pitch bend work with Halion? How?