Here we go again! Halion Hardware Controller!

Fine then. Maybe Halion Mark wasn’t the best idea. I’m gonna pull it off one day. :rofl:

I think it would be very cool to have a Halion Midi Controller. Like Native Instruments, but better. With PADS!

Halion works very strange mapping it to MIDI controllers in my opinion. Like if you have a sound that has say 10 tracks in the mixer…the program doesn’t seem to know that the 10 faders of your mixer are available as a normative way between presets.

Also, I use my beloved big ole blue EX5 as a controller and I’m not kidding…if I twist the 2nd knob OR the 2nd to last knob…POOOOOOOF! DAW crashes.

I think it would be cool. Give us some of that Montage Vibe but with the power and flexibility of cutting edge CPU choices.