Here we go again ... snake oil audio cables!

Some mid week fun:


Amazon do some amazingly priced items too: Used X-Files boxed set:

:open_mouth: Seems to be around £40 everywhere else :smiley:

Infact, at £600, probably warrants the opening of an X-File :smiley:

That cable is probably just the thing you should be using to download to the Pono.

Anyone who’s likely to have $10,500.00 to spend on an Ethernet cable probably didn’t get it through honest hard work, so if AudioQuest can reel in some investment banker or corporate accountant, then fair play to them, I say!

I’ve worked hard as an honest corporate accountant for nearly 30 years. Stereotypes are easy for folks that don’t really know anything, aren’t they?

I love / hate these things…

I love the comedy…the advertising and all.

I hate the fact that people “buy” into this crap.

Some people swear by that power cord…lemme google right quick…

Essential Sound Products!!! ---- google their stupid overpriced IEC cable.

They say The best things in life are ‘FREE’ I like to start there, and then work my way back until it reaches ‘satisfactory’, not ‘opulence’.

You know what they say, if you can’t hear the difference, you should consider yourself fortunate that your hearing is not sensitive enough!

LOL… As they say “audiophiles are unbalanced people” :wink:

Gold plated OPTICAL cable anyone?..

NOOOOOOOO! :open_mouth:

“A nylon sleeve cable covering provides outstanding durability for a lifelong performance”
yeah, isn’t that special …
lifelong performance as in until the cable dies … in seven months :laughing:


Don’t forget your digital snake-oil…

Wow - the rhetoric in this thread is unbelievable. I am shocked that you guys have this stance. It’s obvious that all of you don’t know anything about anything.

These cables DO actually work as advertised. I recently picked up an AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet cable - and it is everything it’s hyped to be.

I used to think that my mixes sounded good. Not great, but good. Then, I received my Diamond Ethernet cable in the mail. I plugged it in, navigated to this forum, and read some threads. I then launched Cubase, and mixed a track. It sounded SOOOO much better - you all have no idea.

Now, when I wake up in the morning, I navigate to this forum using my brand new AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet cable, read some threads, and then get to work in Cubase. I have gone from being a good engineer, to an AWESOME engineer.

So, thanks AudioQuest!!!

the gold plated connections make sense cause they dont oxidize like regular connectors , i have a regular good quality guitar lead ive been using since 1990 and one of the jacks has oxidized so much now that it aint usable ,but it lasted a good 25 years and has trekked all over the rock , if i`d gone gold plated that sucker would have lasted me well into 2090 i reckon .


The AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet cable is okay. But it’s nowhere near as good as the Munny-Pistaway Cryogenic Zircon ethernet cable. Try it and you’ll hear a 3,700% improvement, for only three times the cost of AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet cable. It’s truly the best bargain in hi-fidelity today!

Hmmm! strange!

I heard it was a 3,700.5% improvement!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: