Here's a weird one...

Here’s a weird / slightly unrealistic for legal IP reasons request, but I can dream…

Been realising with all the update anticipation that happens with every DAW, Ableton, Cubase, S1, Bitwig etc, is that these are all awesome pieces of software at what they do, and they all have short comings. Theres no way any DAW will perfectly capture everything you want to do. I’m slowly coming round to the idea that working on a project in stages in different DAWs is a whole lot of fun. Using each to its fullest, stopping the session when its time for a change in creativity / environment. It really doesnt take that long to get used to a new DAW (although fully appreciate that being a ninja in one DAW has its own advantages)

So, howsabout all the DAW makers got together and agreed on all their DAWs having an “Export audio stems to Cubase / Studio One/Ableton/Bitwig project/Protools” feature for total interchangeability? Would be a nice respectful unifying celebration between companies of how awesome all our music creation options are in the modern world and likely encourage more sales of DAW for certain users who like the idea. I’d love it. Click to export, grab a cuppa, come back and jump to a new creative environment that suits a particular workflow for one stage of a project. Click to a new one or back to your old favourite once done to finish off.
I know you can get this 99.9% accurate already with exporting and importing (and the new cubase export is cool for this), but I still find timing imperfections between clips, and longer audio tracks not quite fitting in the same BPM space when in a new DAW. Stretch solves, but click and done would be awesome!

Export AAF?

Have a feeling this is one of those doh! moments where a feature is already fully doable :slight_smile:
I’ve always just dealt in wavs for 20+ years! Have never really payed any attention to AAF. Just googled. Sounds like exactly what I was meaning - cross platform file format! :slight_smile:
So this would eliminate those timing issues I have with wavs between DAWs? Would still be nice to just click and open in a new DAW project…but yeah if AAF solves those timing issues, thats a great tip that pretty much nails it - thanks
Wonder why we typically use wavs over AAF then, any pros and cons?
Looks like I have some reading to do :slight_smile:

you have the choice between having .WAV files and the .AAF file separate, or everything self-contained in .AAF

Interesting stuff. Just read a few articles and sounds like each format has its pros and cons.

So lovegames - if keeping the wavs and AAF separate, the wavs all drop into perfect position in the new DAW project with no stretch or timing issues, and the AAF file then serves as a kind of instruction set for those wavs to align exactly as they did in previous DAW with respect to position and sample accurate length? Gonna have to experiment with this. Thanks again