Here's my list for Cubase 11

Very happy with 10.5. It seems there are starting to listen to the customers so I’ll ask again :

  • Triplets grid in AudioWarp

  • Fix Midi Channel Reset on play/stop with expression maps using midi channels

  • Allow me to hide unused octaves and notes in the Key Editor so we can focus the instrument’s range. If I have a snare track, I’d love to be able to only
    see notes that a have a snare sound assigned to it. Hide top 3 octaves for bass etc… Let us customize the Key Editor range per

  • let us draw on multiple controller lanes simultaneously when multiple events are selected

  • Search box in the preference window

  • Expression map re-sizable vertically in the inspector. As of now, we can only see 12 articulations.

  • Hybrid Track (instrument and audio like in REAPER) so we can render in place a midi part without creating a new track while keeping instrument active.

  • Save track presets with at least the input routing