Here's one for the books

Write a MIDI line for Double Basses in bar 8. They play fine. Copy & paste that same line at bar 32 and the notes smear all over the place! :open_mouth:

Things to check for:

  1. Ghosts Notes from another track? NOPE.
  2. Corrupted channel? NOPE. I made an entirely new MIDI channel (several times) and the part did the same thing on it. Furthermore, the data plays perfectly from bar 1 to bar 32 AND the part I pasted plays fine on ANY other channel at the same point.
  3. Nuendo File Corrupted? Not that I could tell. I opened the file in N7 and it did the same thing.
  4. PC corrupted? I did a re-boot and it’s still smearing the notes ONLY AT MEASURE 32 THROUGH 36 and ONLY on that channel.
  5. Check the MIDI lists? Nothing unsual.
  6. Problem with VSTi? Tried sending it out to a hardware MIDI module and it still did it. The notes were smeared, sustaining into each other. But the same part pasted to another channels sent to the same module played fine.
  7. Manually decreased the sustain in the VSTi? No change! Besides it played fine with the normal settings for the 1st 32 measures.

I’ve spent the last 90 minutes trying to figure this out. What’s left to check?

Check for any tempo changes (Ctrl+T). You mentioned MIDI lists. Do you mean the List Editor? Try selecting everything by pressing Ctrl+A first.

Try also checking all used automation by right clicking a track.

Not far enough along to have applied ANY automation yet. Still just programming the song. There’s no tempo change, at least not by me. But there is a time signature change at bar 33. Could that do anything to cause this?

There’s something going on with midi and VSTi’s here too. I haven’t had the same problem. Will try to recreate it when I get a moment.

I ended up re-cutting the entire track from scratch, as I never did find the problem. For some reason, it was not accepting the copying of the bass line from the piano track and pasting into the dbl bass track. I had to record, from scratch, the entire line on a different track and then swap out the defective track.

I hate this kind of crap, because not only did I lose 2 hours, I don’t know why or how to fix it if and when it occurs again! Anyway, moving on. :angry: