Hermode Tuning & Midi Modifiers Tab Missing SOLVED

I’m loving Cubase 7 (upgraded from 6.5 via the download, i5 Windows 7, 6 gig RAM) but I appear to have a bit missing in my copy. According to the video, to get hermode tuning working you activate it globally in the project preferences, which I have done. Then you open the Midi Modifiers tab in the track inspector, which I can’t do because there isn’t a Midi Modifiers tab on my screen. It goes straight from Note Expression to Midi Inserts with no Midi Modifiers in between, or anywhere else, as per the video. It’s a touch frustrating because I can’t work out why this might be the case. I’ve checked several of the Steinberg synths, including Retrologue as per video, but none seem to have this Midi Modifiers tab in the track inspector. Anyone have any idea what might be going on here?

Just me being an idiot. Right click on the track inspector and add the desired tab. It’s there now.

PS Helge, blinding piece of software, congrats to all who worked on it.