Hermode tuning only working on Steinberg synths/samplers?

That’'s the harmonic series. As it goes upwards it becomes out of tune, leaving us to our simple senses, spinning on this mortal coil.

Thank you both curteye and steveinchicago for indspiration and sharing your knowledge.
Music is truly spiritual in the deepest sense.
I love the purity of the harmonic series too (Microtuner w/“Harmonic”-preset).
…especially on a pure sawtooth wave, which by definition IS the harmonic series.

omg :’( I found people who think the same :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:!!! I’m in search too for God’s Scale :smiley:!!! seriously, … “without hitting it too hard”, I do believe that music in a “perfect universe” (read whatever you want) will be perfect in tune and will be 1000x more magical than here :smiley:… can’t wait :wink:

In the mean time… let them beat rollllll :stuck_out_tongue: