Hey Steinberg why do you make everything so needlessly hard?

Honestly it is so hard to deal with Steinberg, the site is a nightmare. I tried to download the Nashville kit , very good at taking my money but the kit got to 98% and hung, so I cancelled the download, went back to the site to try and re download. What a pane in the arse trying to find out how to do it, logic would suggest it would be under the My Steinberg bit…ah but it’s not…you have to go to this almost invisible bit at the bottom that says “my account”, why why why make that so hard to do??.

I then did the download again and once again 98% and it hangs, so I thought I’ll contact Steinberg for some help…good luck with that, they just hide behind FAQ sections, or try to push you to the local distributor who A. don’t know anything & B. are not open !, if I purchase on line Steinberg I expect online help!

Intersetingly when I found the “my account” bit I see i have actually purchased the Nashville kit in the past, along with a number of others, but it seems they just dissapeared off my system , I beleive it had something to do with the security dongle ? I couldn’t see any easy way to try and download these again, assuming i can , or has Steinberg just stolen my money?

You can probably tell i’m pretty annoyed, I just don’t understand why they make everything so hard, Cubase is a great product but Steinberg it doesn’t matter how good it is if your backup and support are this useless. Even to get to this forum is a nonsense click on Community then on forum,then on forum again…why why why why why make it all soooo hard?

Steinberg understand when people are accessing these things its because something has gone wrong, it might be a little thing , easy to fix , but you make it so frustrating that you create another problem.

I have cancled the order through the system hopefully that will work as it is a partner company, but I am really dissapointed with Steinberg at the moment. :imp: :smiling_imp: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Certainly seems you found a convoluted way. Generally I just google what I want to down load and sure enough google “steinberg download nashville” has the first hit as the sound content download page and the nashville link is there to click.
Not sure it if it is in Steinberg Download Assistant, not everything is yet, but that’s the other go to tool

You should only need to check My Steinberg if you want to check on your license but you should already have had the license on your elicenser.
My suggestion then would be:

  1. Check your elicenser to see if you have the license already
  2. Check Download Assistant
  3. Google "steinberg download "

Not to difficult.
As for your refund, just ping Steinberg support per the email confirmation order and they will refund it. Might take a little while but STeiny have been in business a long time and they understand mistakes are made.

Steinberg Download manager?

But they do make it complicated to download certain content! One would think his original download link in the purchase order would redirect to the original download? I’ve tested this with several purchases but they only display the last purchase. So that’s not logical at all!

And if you go to the Steinberg download page you want to get for instance Cubase 9.5 Pro? The only download you get is the latest update. How do I get the full installation? It’s not in the download assistant, because this only contains the latest version and updates. So how and where can I get this?

Steinberg should really evaluate this and come up with a better solution! Preferably make downloads available at one central place instead of forcing users to search in several different places?

I don’t see how what I did was convoluted, I went to the site, purchased the Nashville pack, it took me through the payment , then directs me to the download page which I did. If it all went well it would be easy, but that is not really the test is it. Its when things don’t work that you see how much backup is there, and they make it needlessly hard and frustrating.