Hey, the Notepad Pointer prob got fixed

I just noticed that when using the Cubase Notepad that is now appears, as it should, as a Windows Pointer when moved outside the Notepad Window.


its hit n miss here…

which notepad are you talking about? the one in the inspector or the mixer? - sometimes the pointer hides behind cubases gui… sometimes (after toggling -clicking in , writing, exiting and re entering notepad- notepad twice for excample) the pointer is visible…

I wish… For me the notepads in CB 10 work the same as they did in CB 9 & 9.5.

  • Using the project notepad the cursor changes to a pointer when moved out of the notepad area.
  • Using the inspector notepad the cursor changes to a pointer when moved out of the notepad area until you type something in the notepad. Then it does not change.

Very basic notepads indeed. Better than nothing but… lame.

Regards :sunglasses:

No, this did not happen for me in pre-10 versions. The pointer was invisible outside the notepad - which made it really hard to click on anything. So this is a big step up from that.

This is good. I remember reporting this problem back on version 9. Glad they finally fixed it, I was using a work around where to have to press the escape key. Couldn’t we single click out of it last time though? You have to double click out of it for the focus to change to the arrangement window now. Better than not being able to click out of it at all.

I will trulely call it fixed though when they put the scrollbars back onto it. Right now, if you exceed the space provided, it will scroll down but when you click out of it, it will scroll back up and the scroll bar will disappear making it impossible to see what is down the bottom when comping tracks or editing in the arrangement window. I used to put all my takes that I like in there. Now I always run out of room and I can’t see the later notes when trying to comp. I just need the scrollbars on the track notepads back