Hey Timo and others:

I would like to add my cents too:

  • I paid hardly earned money for nuendo 4 and next two upgrades.
  • I love new Nuendo (sorry yes I love it - for me is more stable)
  • Official upgrade 6.0.3 has problem with NEK on Mac - missing part on startup and disappeared GroveAgent One and Loopmash
  • I paid for it and now I have only 90 percent of it?
  • Only what I want from this forum and Timo (or Steinberg) is solution what to do!
    – Reinstall nuendo with some sorry statement from Steinberg - It takes me time (aka money)
    – Wait? How long - again no response from Steinberg makes me thing that I am stupid customer - Yes I am not Dave Pensado or Randy Thom but I am paying and loyal customer (look into signature).

To be honest this pretty annoying. Steinberg with official upgrade (talking about 6.0.3) make their product worse than before. Only what all of us asking is make statement - Yes - will take us about 14 days bla bla bla or it is serious we are really sorry and we suggest you to reinstal Nuendo to version 6.0.2 and we are going to notify you asap we found solution.

If you want to cut discussion on forum please dedicate us some good support and write contact on them on the web.


Tomáš Bílek

Simply roll back to 6.0.2 and give them a break…

I agree however on the fact that Timo should really work on his communication skills…

I am sorry to hear that you hardly earned the money you spent on Nuendo.

Annoying bugs? Yes, certainly.
But I am not fond of this inflexibilty that -again- sneaks into this forum.
Maybe the “old” guys have already got used to the frugal SB way of comms. Also, we lived through Win95
and the first Nuendo versions. That armours us against the ever returning problems that new software
can present.
It is not worth getting prickly heat from it. Most problems will eventually be fixed when brought up here.
It has always been that way … or even worse with other manufacturers.
Give them time to investigate…

Big K

Your meta-commentary is very constructive.