Hi All! How's this sounding so far??

Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks!! :smiley:


The real thing, you inmediately expect a real sounding mix offcourse :smiley:
And yes you delivered! very phat bottom, I like that a lot.

The vocals are a bit edgy in the mid frequenties, when played loud on my headphones it becomes a bit harsch.
This could be somewhat lighter in my opinion.

The song is great, you worked hard on the words and the melody, very fluid and organic, kudo’s for that.
Nothing to say about that, it all fitts, all the bridges, arrangments…slick and convincing.

So, maybe just remix the vocals?

Can you gibe a little insight on how you did this? I mean the drums, guitars, I hear some feedbacks, are those real or with a plugin etc etc.

Keep it up,


Like it !!..good work!!.. I agree with sirdancelot regarding the vocal but otherwise a good song…lot of energy there…

Excellent, great sound!

Look forward to hearing the ‘tweaks’! :wink:

Hi Brett,

This is another good song, nice mix of styles.

The only thing that’s slightly bothering me are the ‘machine gun’ drum fills (snare, but also toms).
Maybe alter some of the velocities to make the fills more natural?

But I like the song, good job! :sunglasses:


Dunno why but when I try to use the link Soundcloud says…whoops we cannot find the page…

How’s this? http://soundcloud.com/brettbuchananmusic/the-real-thing-wip :nerd:

Ok got it now and realize that I’ve already heard it, dunno what I’m doing sometimes…sounds better 2nd time around seems to have an American post punk feel about it…quite a commercial sound I think…Kevin

Made a couple changes. The vox seemed too loud on the last one: http://soundcloud.com/brettbuchananmusic/the-real-thing-b :mrgreen:

+1 on the drum sound. Vox sounds much better though a bit too loud.

listening now and writing as i hear

First snare pause before chorus, in my opinion needs a floor tom to couple it. but that’s just my preference(to throw in some bass freq drum with snare on a stucotto(sp?) pause)

Drums sound real natural. is it a vsti? If so, what is it so I can maybe get it…?

Listening on my studios monitors. I like the low end.

I really like the tom tom and snare bridge part of the song. I think the build up after that throws in the many bass drum notes a bit too early. Just my preference.

Good stuff

Can you gibe a little insight on how you did this? I mean the drums, guitars, I hear some feedbacks, are those real or with a plugin etc etc.

Yes, I’d like to know this too. Particularly the drums. Because if they’re MIDI then I’ve got work to do, dammit. Oh, and the song, nothing wrong with that to my ears, rocks, sounds great, your mixes are getting better all the time.

Very nice track!
Looking forward to hearing more like this from you.