Hi ALL! I'm new here...thoughts on this mix?

Hi Guys! I’m new to this forum. I just finished this song in Cubase 5. Can you give me some feedback on the mix? Thanks!!! :smiley:


I like the song, but for some reason the mix sounds a bit ‘lazy’ to me, not sure how else to call it. I don’t know what to suggest, it’s probably a combination of some slightly overcompressing and the blending of different elements in the mid frequency range.
I hope someone with some more experience can have a listen and write down what I mean :smiley:

Really good track though!

(there is a separate ‘made with Cubase’ forum btw, you can use that next time :wink:

Thanks! I put it in the proper forum.

Wonderful composition…
Exept that kind of "Rappin"at the end !!
Cant say anything about the mix, listening to it at headphones…
“TCOYN” Take care of your neighbours…. :sunglasses: