hi! I Just bought a UR12

hi! i just bought a ur12 interface card that includes Cubase AI.
BUT i’m a little confused ; which version exactly of cubase is Cubase AI?
In comparison with Cubase Elements is restricted and how???
Please help! in steinberg site I found a comparison between Pro/Artist/ AI LE Elements .
What I need is a comparison between AI/LE/Elements.
Or is it the same thing???

If i know the limitations of AI i can then deside my possible upgrade plan…


Open the pdf manual and in the table of the different chapters, you can already see some of the most important differences.

thanks, svennilenni, but cubase is so straighforward that only 3 time i needed to check the manual so
reading the WHOLE manual is sure a good way B UT i prefer to wright me just 10 words here(if you know the differences ofcourse)

You don´t Need to read the Whole Manual, just the table of Content. Cubase Elements only Features are marked with “Cubase Elements only”.
I don´t know all the differences, and probably 10 words won´t suffice anyway.

Some of the main differences:
32 audio tracks, 16 instrument tracks, 48 midi tracks per project.
28 native effects.
8 group tracks, 4 FX tracks.
4 inserts per track.
Up to 16 physical inputs.

48 audio tracks, 24 instrument tracks, 64 midi tracks per project.
45 native effects.
16 group tracks, 8 FX tracks.
8 inserts per track.
Up to 24 physical inputs.

Thank you!!!