Hi Res MIDI CC88

Hi, I just got a Casio Privia PX-5s keyboard (very nice indeed) and have been controlling Kontakt’s Giant with it. Anyway it sends CC#88 controller messages at key down and key up to deliver higher res MIDI however I think Cubase is ignoring them. Does Cubase need a setting turning on to support hi res midi? Also I noticed that if I quantize in the key editor the controller data is not moved along with the notes however if I do it in list editor it is. So my second question is does anyone know if there is a way to force Cubase to quantise control data as well as notes in the list editor?


The more I Google about this the more it seems like CC88 is poorly implemented in must software. Probably turning it off is my only way forward. I would still be interested if anyone knows more about it?

It’s not Cubase that would respond to this, but the VST instrument or external synth/sampler, and it only applies to velocity, according to http://www.midi.org/techspecs/ca31.pdf. Does Kontakt Giant support it?

Cubase doesn’t care what a particualr CC does, it just transmits it through the midi out to whatever is hooked up.

btw, there is actually no such thing as “Hi Res MIDI”, this is an attempt to expand velocity from 127 possible values to 16384.

Thanks for your reply, yes I guessed that but I thought Cubase might allow me to edit 16384 levels for velocity rather than 127, also I would have thought it would keep the controller with the note when quantising

I did not mean to imply that midi was hi res, just that is the name of controller 88

That would be interesting! Which synths respond to that?

From what I have heard so far apparently Pianoteq does but not NI

Why has this been moved out of the Cubase forum, the main questions are very much related to Cubase i.e.:

Q Why does Cubase not quantise controller values in the key editor but it does in the list editor

Well, those are two pretty different topics. It was I who moved this thread here… The MIDI topic would go here, and the question about moving/quantizing controllers should be a different thread, which would go in in the General forum.

In any case, you need to turn on the “auto-select controllers” button in the Key Editor Toolbar to activate that…

And also note the pref in Editing>MIDI “Select Controllers in Note Range: Use Extended Context”

Would you mind terribly creating a separate thread for the separate topic?

No I don’t mind I can do that. I will try in the future to stick to one question per post as well :slight_smile: