HI , will Xphrase and older Vsti work with C Pro 8.

HI , will Xphrase and older Vsti work with C Pro 8. as of now it works with Cubase 6.X … thnks WS

The issue I would expect with XPhrase would be that it is not supported for the same operating systems as Cubase Pro 8 (XPhrase was supported for XP, CP8 is supported for Win 7/Win 8). The best chance of it working would be to load Cubase in 32 bit mode and try it there, but personally, I would not recommend trying any plugin on an operating system it was not designed/tested for. That said, if you do try it, I hope it will work for you!

Thanks Criss , i should have mentioned , it works fine on Cubase 6.5 in win 7 x 64 bit OS , i dont own C pro 8 yet but planning to upgrade , i will still run C Pro 8 on Win 7 X 64 bit , would really appreciate any one using it yet this way thanks S

Hi there. Xphrase works fine for me in Cubase 8.020 Windows 7 64 bit. Hope this helps!

Hi, I have Plex, Xphraze, D’cota, Hypersonic2… all of them work on C8 Pro. Maybe they use a tiny bit more CPU than 64bit plugins, but Synplant is an expensive substitute for Plex and yes there are many VSTis which have copied Xphraze’s inventiveness, but I purchased all the extras and learnt how to use it, so…
I admit that HALion is probably better than Hypersonic and Padshop, Retrologue, Groove Agent… make up for all the Virsyn/Wizoo/fxpansion VSTis.
Only warning is that the CDs they (Plex etc.,) were made on, do not always recognise SATA drives and so I’ve kept an IDE drive in an extension USB converter case (EBay), which is also useful for other older, non-updated programs. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi thanks and sorry missed your reply , Did u say that Hypersonic 2 works with C8 Pro, may be on win XP only ??? pls correct me …loved the Hypersonic 2 sounds… thanks again ws

I am using Cubase 8.5.1 on a Windows 10 system. Xphrase is working fine for me here but as always YMMV :smiley:

I stopped trying to make old 32 bit plug in work on my new system as it makes the ASIO peaks at 110% and crac and pop and hiss and freeze and any trouble you can think of… Yes the members tell me to try to fix it but I gave up. Now I work exclusively with 64 bit plug in and you know what I got more memory available for RAM than ever and my sound is great probably better than a lot here Bye

Thanks Steinpac , dont know how i missed up , ur last part CD part , here , had to build up an older IDE supported socket 775 PC to help read the older Cd/s , when i had IDE to USB converters lying around … well under desktop spaced now saved … ws