Hi-Z or Line in for mic ur44


I’m confused, can’t understand the problem.

I have RODE NKT plugged into ur44 input 3(manual says it’s for preamps…)

Then I plugged into ur44 input1, and it sounds bit louder.

Also I plug other mic(cheap dynamic mic) in input 4, I can’t hear it, only when I boost volume inside cubase.
After I plugged in hi-z input2 it’s start sound much more louder.

Rode nkt plugged by XLR
cheap dynamic mic plugged with phono type (unbalanced)

So, where I should plug my Rode

Do you have phantom power turned on for both channels in your comparison? afaik all four inputs are the same.

All 4 inputs on the front are the same if you use Balanced XLR inputs
The first two 1/4" TRS inputs are Hi Z for use with electric guitars
3 and 4 on front and 5 and 6 on read are 1/4" TRS line inputs
Phantom power can be turned on or off 1+2 and 3+4 (but not individually)
Individual gain controls area available for all 4 front inputs

You say you have a RODE “NKT” I assume you mean a Rode NTK -> as I can’t find the other acronym
This microphone has its own power supply from what I read on the website so doesn’t need phantom power, and indeed doesn’t recommend it though it won’t damage it).

You should be able to plug a balanced XLR (not 1/4") lead into ANY of the front 4 mic channels and so long as the gains are all the same it should be the same volume for all.

Hope that helps.

Yes phantom power is off & yes it comes with power supply.
btw should i buy preamp ?

i read in forum someone post right specs and there says:
Hi Z Input 1/2 (unbalanced)
Max Input Level +8.5 dBV
Input Impedance 1M ohm {500k ohm}
Gain Range ±0dB to +44dB

Line Input 3/4 (balanced/unbalanced)
Max Input Level +24dBu {+22dBu}
Input Imp 20k ohm
Gain Range -12dB - +32dB {-10dB - +34dB}

origin: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=332671#p332671

after that i decide put my RODE to in1 my cheap mic to in2

robw’s answer is pretty complete. Like he said, this mic has its own power supply. so just plug it into any of the xlr inputs in the front of the unit. Any difference in volume you’re seeing is most likely due along the gain stage ‘chain’.

what about cheap mic ? its connected by unbalanced phono, and in input 2 its sounds more louder,

Cheap mic - Goes input 3 or 4.

1 and 2 are for Hi Z - aka Electric guitar direct.

Preamp - No, you don’t need a separate pre-amp. the UR44 has a 4 preamps in it (1-4), it will do the job just fine.

Is there difference in amping between XLR or phono(unbalanced)?

Inputs 1 & 2 - Yes the XLR inputs are different to the phono. The XLR inputs are Mic/Line (balanced) the Phono input is HI Z unbalanced
Inputs 3 & 4 - No, they are both Mic/Line inputs and the phono can be unbalanced or balanced (XLR balanced of course)
Inputs 5 & 6 on the back are balanced/unbalanced line inputs. They don’t have a gain knob but you can adjust between -10 dBV and +4 dbU using the software.