Hidden Chord Symbols and Multibar Rests

I have two rhythm instruments with chord symbols, but one of the instruments doesn’t play in some of the bars while the other instrument does. I can hide the chord symbols in those bars, but I can’t make those “empty” bars be multibar rests because Dorico still sees the markers for the hidden chords. Is there a way to override that so I can consolidate the empty bars into a multibar rest?

I’ve never had a problem with this. Forgive me, but are multibar rests actually enabled in your layouts? (They are two different layouts, right? And not one?)

You are on the most recent version, 4.2, correct? I believe there was an issue with this in an earlier version, but works fine for me now.

Interesting. Yes, I’m on the latest 4.2 version and I have multi bar rests enabled. I’ll look at it again and see if there’s something else I’m not seeing.

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