Hidden condensed instrument still visible

Hey all! Would anyone maybe have an idea as to why my second clarinet all of the sudden appears in my condensed score, even though I’ve selected the option to hide all inactive players in condensed scores?

Thanks in advance!
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-02 om 08.40.38

It wouldn’t be as simple as Page/Galley view could it?

The condensing only happens in Page view. I already went to galley view to make sure the 2nd clarinet part was completely empty, which it was. So therefore it is strange that it doesn’t hide that part in the condensed Page view score.

Can you attach the project itself, or a cut-down version of it sufficient to show the problem, so we can take a closer look?


Unrestrictions (Concert Band).dorico (1.6 MB)
Here you go, the problem occurs in m.184. Thanks for taking a look! (Have to add I work in Dorico 3.5)

I found that Notation Options > Condensing > Condensing for players inactive for the whole system: > Include in staff label hid the dotted quarter rest (and also some whole-bar rests in following bars). I don’t know if anything else in the score is affected (for better or worse).

The minimum length of range of rests for hiding is set to 2 quarters/crotchets, but the rests in this passage are shorter than that. Set that option to 0.5 quarters/crotchets (= an eighth/quaver).

That worked perfectly, thank you so much!