Hidden cursor in "Use Video Follows Edit Mode"

Hi there,
as described in the manual If “video follows edit mode” option is activated, the project cursor is hidden from the event display. However, it is always visible in the ruler.

I guess it would be helpful to see the cursor always in the event display, also in video follows edit mode.




I’ve also wondered about this. It can be difficult to see the cursor at times up in the ruler (even at max width of 4) and having the option to see the full play-head line (seen when ‘video follows edit mode’ is turned OFF) would also be useful.

Does anyone know the logic of why the full play-head cursor is limited to the ruler for ‘video follows edit mode’? Just curious if I’m missing something that makes great logical sense! :slight_smile:

Really not useful a hidden cursor. Video follows edit mode should be always engaged without hide the cursor.

Edit mode always engaged? NO
Cursor Always visible? YES