Hidden Dialog Boxes on Import XML

I have been importing XML files recently and there is a catch 22 that happens a lot.

After you select Import-XML the finder window opens so that you can select the file you want to open.

But once you select the file, Dorico brings up another dialog box which is BEHIND the finder one, so you can’t actually read or respond to the options, and you can’t close (or move) the finder window because the system is waiting for a response to the Dorico dialog first.

The workaround (when I remember) is to move the finder window to the side of the screen before selecting a file to open, but sometimes I forget and then have to do a Force Quit to get out of the stuck loop.

MACOS high Sierra

What dialog are you finding Dorico opens aside from the file chooser dialog? I’m not sure exactly what’s happening – can you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Hi Daniel,

Attached are 2 screenshots - the first shows the dialog box that is underneath the file chooser if I don’t remember to move it to the side first, and the second is the dialog box itself. hoep this makes sense

The problem is you need to select an option in the bottom dialog (that is hidden) before you can click on the the top one. doesn’t help that the OK button is visible on the bottom one as it is not active.

I find sometimes by clicking return repeatedly it closes the boxes eventually.



That is the dialog box when you are importing an xml file into an already existing project (as opposed to creating a new project). On my system, that dialog happens after the file is selected in the file chooser. (You select the file, then select how to incorporate it into your project.)

It’s odd the chooser window doesn’t go away once you’ve chosen the file. I’ve just imported 20 xml files and never had this problem. Maybe something needs to be updated? I know, not helpful.

Thanks for the response. I can live with this :}}

In the course of working on another feature we have encountered this problem with another operation that shows a file chooser dialog followed by another dialog, and believe we have a fix for it, so hopefully this won’t trouble you any further after the next release.