Hidden final barline

Is there currently a way to hide the final barline in a flow? This is particularly useful for example sheets, etc., where you want to illustrate a continuation without having to notate the bar in full (see example).
Skjermbilde 2018-08-22 kl. 08.34.53.png
This example illustrates another minor issue related to rehearsal marks: Would it be possible to implement an option to place a rehearsal marks directly above the preamble whenever there’s room? The two current options leaves a giant gap of white space above the preamble, where a rehearsal mark would have fit perfectly.

This kind of placement is common, especially when the following passage is in the upper register. It’s easy enough to adjust this manually, of course, but even better to have the option available for automatic placement.

Yes, see Notation Options > Barlines.

There is an option to align the rehearsal mark with the systemic barline, on the Rehearsal Marks page of Engraving Options.


Thank you, Florian!

Thanks, Daniel! That’s one of the two options I mentioned. Problem is, it takes up some unnecessary vertical space whenever a treble staff is involved. For this reason, I think fitting the rehearsal mark in the ‘pocket’ between the clef and the music is both more practical and more aesthetically pleasing.