“Hidden” note stems printed – or: how to hide notes?

I’m currently working around the missing one-bar repeat functionality by adding the % character as text to a bar, scaling all other items within the bar to zero and moving the text in Engrave mode into the bar (and adjusting note spacing as necessary). It all looks good in Dorico but once I export it to PDF the stems of the notes are still visible.

Also, another thing I tried was changing the color to white but that only changes noteheads, not the rest of the notes. And changing opacity to zero doesn’t appear to do anything.

Is there another way of hiding notes that I don’t know of?

We intend to provide proper features both for making notes stemless and for repeat bars as soon as possible.

I’m curious: why do you need notes in that bar at all? I assume you’re trying to achieve playback.

Thanks, Daniel. Well, yes, playback would be one reason. But also I thought it might be future proof to have the music in there, and once the functionality is implemented in a future version I’d be able to replace/rework the bars right away.

But I resorted to just removing the contents completely and just hiding the default rest by scaling it to zero; since it has no stems this works nicely (and what’s even better is that I don’t even have to change note spacing).

It sounds as if your best solution would be to have one staff to provide playback, from which you copy and paste the measures that do not require measure-repeats into a second staff.
You can easily create a “printable” conductor layout that leaves out the “printable” staff in addition to your real full score (which contains both the playable staves and the muted “printable” staff).

Hi, I am trying to print stems without noteheads (to indicate the duration of a gliss.). However, the “invisible” noteheads become visible again when the score is exported/printed. Is there a workaround to that issue?

Also, is there a way to “erase background” for the gliss. text?


You need to print/export in colour. “Mono” really is black or white - it won’t handle the nuance of opacity.

if there is, I’ve never found it… :slight_smile: