Hidden one-bar repeats

I’m pretty sure this is not possible in Dorico, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. There are times that we have a long note extending over many measures where it would be really useful to display a measure count, just as we get automatically with one-bar repeats.

I realize I can do this manually with text. In the example above, the text items are the (4) and (8) that are higher and near the barline. The other (4) and (8) happen automatically from the one-bar repeats. It would be lovely to be able to insert a one-bar repeat range but have the repeat sign hidden, displaying only the measure counts. That way the measures would be counted automatically, which would help avoid errors making the tied note too long or too short.


Dan, I love how you’d remembered to search for “chuffed”, particularly given it’s gone 2am here and I’m past remembering that I once had a solution to this. Kudos, sir!

Thanks. I can see I’m not alone in this requirement. The slash trick also has the advantage of not causing the notes to be broken in the playback at each barline.

However, the lack of collision avoidance makes it better for me to just do it with text objects this time around.

I certainly agree with this comment:

A really cool feature for a future version would be a “repeat count region” that would accomplish this without the need for hijacking either the repeat bar region or slash region features.

assuming that the measure counts would participate in collision avoidance.

And just to be clear, if I were to delete the repeat or slash glyphs, that would disappear from this projects only and would not affect any other projects, correct?

I am learning so much. I have never heard the word “chuffed” but now I am going to use it so much as to be really obnoxious to all my (former) friends.