Hidden/Stealth Studio?

You could also spend the time and money on more gear and making music. Just a thought :nerd:

You’re an electrician Steve, make some " traps "… :unamused: :laughing:

Alarm system? Security Cameras? Fire Safe? Insurance?

Thats what I did and travel with no concern.

Alarm systems are great! About a year ago I didn’t have to go to my studio to see one of the acoustic elements had been fallen off from the ceiling: security company’s motion sensors picked up the event and called me.

The ‘secret basement’ option with alarm and security cameras could be win/win, despite the cost, because it
could also be useful as a crack den and/or hostage holding cell. (You could use paypal for collecting ransom :bulb:) - so it could pay for itself in no time - OR - do nothing, don’t worry about the gear, and once it’s been robbed there’ll be no more pesky distractions to keep you from participating more fully in the Cubase Lounge. :mrgreen:

Maybe you could hire a Navy Seal to shoot anyone that comes in.

to Lenny’s now deleted post!

Why not just hang a sign on the door that says something like

Zapaxe Studio
Equipped with Cubase VST5/32

That alone should suffice as an anti theft device. :mrgreen:

So a few years ago a buddy calls me.
“Hey Tom, I just looked at a job and this guy has a dungeon room.”


“Yea, he’s got this room in his basement he is bragging about and he wants me to finish his basement. The room had hooks, chains, whips, and a swing and leather clothing”

Um, don’t even ask. I want no part of that job!

Hmmmm… Steve… :laughing:


Try to go with CNB vcm-24vd best bang for the buck as far as cameras go.

DVR: Qsee QC444
another best bang for the buck. It is a rebranded major company’s base model DVR. Can’t remember the company though. You will need to buy a sata drive for it. I installed one of these at my sister’s house. Made me envious, but I have more channels than 4.

These new DVR systems can send video and snapshots to an internet server. So your house could burn down and you would be able to view the footage as it did before the fire ate the DVR. I can login to my system where ever I have cellular or internet access to see what’s going on. In fact, I once logged on to see my girlfriend weeding my garden!
You can even have it email snapshots of movement to you.

They’re pretty sophisticated these days. Most of my cameras are in plain view and as soon as people notice, it’s already too late. They’ve been recorded in-house and also sent to a internet server. I actually contemplated at one point broadcasting recording sessions to band fans and charge a few bucks. They would be able to view the cameras I allowed them to view (no reason for them to view the pottycam).

Anyway, if you have any Qs, feel free to give me a call. Not an expert on the topic, but I have set up a few of these hard-wired systems with the cams I listed above.

I recently put in a wired camera and have been looking at wireless cameras as an easy installation route, wonder if anyone has thought on that?

Evil woman! :laughing: :wink: Specially if that’s what yer growin! :laughing: :smiling_imp:

save the faffing Steve & buy a Rotweiller ! easier to install…but a helluva lot harder to “uninstall” :laughing:

oh well. fame next time…

www.stealthrecordingstudio.com (ancient website, all supposedly being updated).

Sorry Ed, I overlooked the point ! :blush: in ur case I suggest installing a Motherwell fan! :smiley: just feed it Buckfast & ur good to go security wise!

excellent idea! although i’ve been told that they can’t be house trained. a sand pit in the corner might act as a bass trap though… my studio is near celtic park. this might be a cheaper option, and greener!! ha ha :slight_smile:

Now, if you want a hidden bedroom, it must be mine. I never get anyone in that room but me. Go Figure. :unamused:

Too many Stealthy Ladies? (I’d prefer wealthy!) :laughing: