hidden track - audio in pause is on

Within a montage ready for rendering I have a bonus song at the very end of the montage, I removed the CD markers from this last song, so it can play only if you continue palying the CD all the way to the end (therefore “hidden”).
Audio in Pause in ON.
Once I removed the maker from this last song, Check CD Conformity show total time length of the CD that it is not include the last hidden song.
Is is going to be printed (or be part of the DDP)?

(I know it can be done as audio between markers, or before the first song), can it be done after the last marker?

Your final CD Track End marker should be after the hidden bonus track.

You can remove the track start marker for the bonus track so the last track you can skip to is the last officially listed song.

In other words, for the last track you only need a CD track start marker at the start of the final CD track, and a CD track end marker after the hidden bonus track.