Hide a Bar Rest just for this Bar

How can I hide a Bar Rest in the Bar 52 just for this Bar.
I expected to find this in the property panel but there is no hide function.

Thank you
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 08.39.45

With the rest selected:
Firts try: In write mode: edit-> remove rest
if not ok: in engrave mode: custom scale to 1

Removing rests leaves Dorico with nothing to use for spacing, and the bar can end up shrunk.

You may prefer to input a note/some notes in this bar, eg two half notes (minims) or four quarter notes (crotchets), then hide their note heads and stems. The benefit of doing this is that regular spacing is retained in this bar.

You can mute the hidden notes in playback, too.


Thank you very much
Indeed the first try did not work the Bar shrunk but custom scale worked, I guess the Rest is now the same as the SystemLines

I was looking into the Manual (put in search hide note-heads) but did not find it then I made a right click on the note-head >Notehead did not find hide then I looked in the property panel > Notes and Rest didn’t see a hide parameter where can I find this?
Thank you

Look in Properties under Engrave Mode. (You may have to scroll Properties to the right if your screen is not wide enough to show the options.)

ah ok thank you very much, I did not get it that every Mode has some differences in the Properties Panel

You would need to search for “notehead”, without the hyphen. I’ll make a note about improving results for alternative formulations of “notehead”.

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Another alternative method is to use Opacity set to 0% for the selected Bar rest. The advantage of this is that the bar rest will appear as orange in its full size if you for example Marquee tool-select the bar:

CleanShot 2024-05-27 at 20.13.47

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Ah that’s great
Thank you very much

You might want to include (if you don’t already ) “note head.” I frequently catch my computer auto-“correcting” the compound noun it doesn’t recognize. (“Barline” is another.)

Thanks Judd – absolutely, you can trust I’ve been comprehensive :slight_smile:

(Although watch this space for updates to the documentation delivery system which should be more sensitive to subtle differences in search terms…)

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