Hide a natural harmonic symbol on a tied note

Hello, I’m wondering if there’s a way to hide the natural harmonic circle symbol when it’s above a tied note, as in the screenshot below. IMO in this context (harp) they are redundant / clutter (most other times ok for long held notes and across staves / pages etc). I’ve tried to edit them in engrave mode e.g. select the tied harmonic and scale it to 0% or set opacity to 0%, which is my workaround for hiding other things in Dorico, but this hides the note-head rather than the symbol even though only the symbol is selected.

I’d be grateful for any ideas!

Are you sure you are using ties and not slurs? I don’t get the same result as you by default.
Screenshot 2021-03-07 135448

I wonder whether the difference is between using the Harmonics property for notes vs the harmonic playing technique?

Bingo, thanks Lillie.

Good sabbath to yee.

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Ah this is so much better for loads of other stuff too (harmonics, woodwind alt fingerings etc) - thanks!

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