Hide All Lanes... KeyCommand!

Working on my keyCommands and L is ‘Show lanes’. I’d Like to make ^L (shift L) ‘Hide ALL lanes’ but there is no option in the KeyCommands, unless i missed something.

I also use Ctrl L as Show Controller Lane in a midi part ^Ctrl L is Show ALL used.

I do similar with…
S: SOLO, ^S: UnSolo All
M: Mute, ^M: UnMute ALL
A: Show All Automation, ^A: Hide All Automation
P: Events to Part, ^P: Dissolve Part
G: Group, ^G: UnGroup
Plus many others

I’d love to follow the same logic for LANES but there seems to be no hide ALL function. A Makro will do if it can be done. Thank you.



The same has also been requested many times for the automation. There should be separate commands to open, close the ‘accordion’ en masse.

I tried to make a Macro but it failed.

If we select multiple tracks and use a ‘Show lanes’ keycommand it will toggle the lanes of all selected tracks on or off. I tried to make a macro utilising select all but the finished result still only toggled the lanes on the current track.

+1000 Please!!! I routinely work with 12 tracks of drums with up to 10 lanes each. Show lanes/hide lanes should be available as a key command. If clicking with the selection tool shows them, there must be a way back?

Use Project Logical Editor.

Lanes Active
Enables, disables, or toggles the lanes active status.

PLE once again to the rescue!!!

Now if the close all automation wouldn´t close folders too

Yeah… That close folders is a little annoying.


Appreciate the reply but that’s a PIA. You get MIDI lanes opening. Toggle is not close all lanes. Come on Steinberg.

Yeah, we just need close all Lanes as a Key Command choice AND for Close all Automation to not close folders too.

This would be a critical function for anyone who does multi-track comping.
We do have a function to show all the selected lanes (in a folder track) at once, but no way to hide them all at once.
This should have been a function included long time ago.

Has this been solved in 10/10.5 yet?