Hide all pedal line notation

Hi all, I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall. I’m new to Dorico and am currently using their Elements trial version.

I’ve exported an XML file from Cubase and opened it in Dorico and the first thing that jumps out at me is the pedal line is very prominent and ugly. I want to hide it and I have read other threads on here about how to hide the pedal line but don’t seem to be able to make (what should be) a very simple task happen.

I can delete each pedal symbol one by one or line by line but I want to hide it from the entire score in one go. It must be doable?!

I’d appreciate any help on this!


In Elements, you can do Ctrl+A, right-click, Filter > Pedal Lines and modify all of their appearances at once.

(In Pro, you could use Engraving Options > Pedal Lines > Design > Sustain Pedal and change the settings there, but I don’t think that option is available in Elements.)

Hey! Thanks for getting back to me, and so quickly too!

I’ve just tried that and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I go to Filter > Pedal Lines and then nothing happens, it just goes back to the main screen :frowning:

Are you in Write mode? When you press Ctrl+A, it should select everything in the score (i.e. everything will turn orange) and the Filter operation should leave only the pedal lines selected.

(That’s Cmd-A if you happen to be on Mac)

Alternatively click on a single pedal line then type Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A three or four times to select all of the pedal lines.

I’m on windows, thanks though pianoleo, really appreciated.

OK, I’ve been able to filter it to just pedal line which is great. Now how do I hide it rather than delete it? Or is hiding it not an option?

Set the properties to:
Continuation type = None
Sign appearance = Hook

OK, that’s great. Is there any way of hiding the blue Ped. hook symbols? It’s a bit distracting.

View > Signposts > Pedal Lines.

Woooooo!!! Thanks JesterMusician and pianoleo!

Finally sorted! I should have come on here several days ago.

Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Martin, I have recently been through the same experience as you are in now.
The quick response is the rule here, not the exception.
The pain is worth it. My 20+ years of Finale and Sibelius informs my opinion of Dorico.
Dorico is a masterpiece, and you should stick with it. The pain subsides when you start to get the hang of it. The interface is mysterious at first, but then you figure out that it is consistent and elegant. Enjoy.

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Thanks spencered. I want to make it work with Dorico as I’m with Cubase, clearly just need to take the time to ‘learn the language’. I’ll be back on this forum soon with a new question, really appreciate all the support.