Hide Automation line in group Channels?

Is there a way to hide the automation line in group channels?
Every time I add a group channel that line appears.


No, this is not possible. The Group Track is represented by the Volume (or other parameter) automation track. What would you prefer to see instead of the automation lane? Of course, you can hide the whole Group track, same as other tracks.

I would like to see nothing, because I have many group channels, and too often I accidentally click with my cursor on those lines, which automatically creates a point and changes the volume of the channel. Sometimes I don’t even notice that this happened. So I would like to turn this off from happening.

Then like Martin says turn off the visibility for the Group Track in the Project Window. The main reason they show-up there is to access their automation. Make sure you aren’t syncing the visibility for the Project & MixConsole or maybe (not at DAW to check) there are Visibility Agents in the Project Window.

You can also hide the whole group of tracks/channels by the type. Then if you add a new one, it will be hidden.

lol the responses on here… like you would ever want to hide your group tracks… The whole hide/unhide specific tracks in the project is a useless feature IMO. I want to see all tracks at all times. If there are too many tracks that are visible, that just means you need to do more organizing by putting tracks into folders and collapsing the ones you aren’t using. There is no reason at all for there to be a line shown next to group tracks for the volume that it is currently set to, unless you are automating it. The line should be visible ONLY when you are automating the track, otherwise it is just cluttering the project area with pointless lines that mean nothing.

You got some useful replies. Just not the one you might have wished. Claiming the whole visibilty management was useless therefore ‘lols’ me :laughing:

In fact I know the problem very well as it happens to me as well. Accidentially created automation points are not even easily undo-able which can be bothering indeed. All not a big problem for me as I tend to stack my groups on the bottom of the project (= less danger to do unwanted things as they’re not everywhere).

Visibility management can be handy there though. There are key commands for hiding/showing track types. Just hide/unhide the groups with a single keystroke. Project and mixer view can or cannot be synced, so it’s possible to hide them in project but have all time access in the mixer (not practical for users who work mainly in the project window maybe).

Cubase offers a lot of functionality to develop a hassle-free workflow. Some things are not obvious, so it’s up to the user to check out what fits best to personal requirements.

Hi totally understand the OP point!
These automation lines should not appear directly by the side of the Group Channel track itself. It is too confusing visually.

Instrument and audio track don’t have these lanes right by there sides.

So now the Project interface become cluttered with these Group channel lines that I don’t even use.

If I need to see an automation line, I will simply add a sub track under the main track, exactly like I do with audio or instrument tracks.


Output channels and group channels are both showing the volume automation line next to the track when they shouldn’t be. It’s a design flaw.

Volume automation needs to operate just like it does for instrument and audio tracks and show directly below in it’s own separate lane underneath. This would prevent accidentally changing the track volume levels and would clean up the work area substantially.

How do you submit a suggestion to Steinberg for a future update?

You can post your idea to the Cubase 9.5 Feature Request thread.

if you lock the track the automation line disappears

Almost every type of tracks have a button “Lock” in Inspector in Left Zone. It locks the automation for gorup too. It prevents from automation modifications accidentally.

This is actually a great workaround. I have the same issue. Don’t like having the automation line there but I don’t want to hide the tracks. Locking the track still allows you to edit plugins, volume, pan, yet hiding automation line. Thanks for the tip.

Hey Manike, did this change with Cubase Pro 10? I recently switched from Logic and seeing these automation lines scattered throughout a large project is maddening. Thanks for the tip about locking the track, at least I’m not accidentally creating automation points - but still…

Is there still a way to hide these automation lines outside of hiding the tracks (which I def don’t want to do)? Seeing these lines makes absolutely no sense, I’ll do a key command if I want to view automation.


So I just discovered - if there’s no automation data and you lock the track, the lines disappear (yay), but if there is data and lock the track, lines stay BUT at least I won’t be accidentally creating automation.

Thanks for the lock tip - I’ll def submit a Feature Request for this one.

Change volume to mute automation track and you will never break it by accidental clicking.

Thanks for this! This has been bugging me for years and now I found this workaround…

thanks king

op’s option should be in cubase as well also

The group tracks are still showing the volume automation line many years later!

Complications with the volume automation line for group tracks:


  1. This volume line can be hidden by clicking the lock button, but not only does this add one extra step, it still does not hide the volume automation when there is currently used automation

  2. The automation line shows as soon as you add a group track, even when there is no need to automate it

  3. Cluttered workflow

  4. When deselecting audio or midi tracks, we need to click on an empty area of the screen. We then sometimes accidentally click on the group volume automation lines, which causes the volume on that group track to change. Undoing this action does not undo the volume change that was accidentally made to the group track. This forces us to always lock the group track

  5. Even when we have no intention on changing volume automation for group tracks, we are still forced to look at an automation line if we don’t keep locking the track

  6. As we move our cursor across the project area, the mouse changes to the draw tool when near group track volume automation lines, even when we do not wish to make automation. This of course only happens when the track is not locked

    The moral of the story is we always need to keep the groups tracks locked to prevent a clutter and to prevent accidents. This adds one extra step, and still does not hide the volume automation when there is automation drawn. Just like all other tracks, the group track’s volume automation lane should appear upon clicking the “show/hide automation” button. This would allow for a cleaner and less cluttered workflow and would prevent accidental automation changes that can not be undone.

Yes… that’s correct
more than 30.000 Cubase users out there and only 10 complaining about that… it must be high priority

I have no problem with the automation lanes in group tracks and only use them from time to time!