Hide Bar Number is "hidden"

Dorico team, you may want to ask the person in charge of documentation to add in the Dorico Manual somewhere in the Bar Numbers section how to hide bar numbers individually. Ironically, this gem is a little hidden :wink:

It is found in the Properties Panel of Engrave Mode in the Time Signatures Tab.

(not a high priority, obviously…)

A very belated thank you for this suggestion, which you can look forward to seeing in the manual at some point in the near future :slight_smile:

I hope that I’m V3 we also get the option to show them individually, just like we can hide them.

I have a project where I’d like to show them in a few places (double barlines, and after split measures which can be a bit of a pickle) but at the moment if I turn on to show all, I’d then have to hide 90% of the ones I don’t want. Sadly, I can’t just select the “second” bar line after the split measure and press a button the way I could hide that same bar number had it been displayed.

It’s not quite what you’re describing, but there is the layout option to show bar numbers at rehearsal marks, which you could use for those particular places?

Due to the short length of the piece that is totally unnecessary. Because of phrasing, however, I have many split bars as it makes it much easier to sing, particularly concerning page shifts. Beats 1-3 are on one stave and beat 4 starts the next stave since it is a pickup to the following phrase. The result is that if I have the option set to show bar numbers at the beginning of each stave, I get the previous bar number in brackets, but I’d just like the number for the first full bar of each stave; consequently, during rehearsal, you could just say “pickup to bar XX” rather than, “the last beat of bar XX (in brackets at the top of page 3)”. Hopefully that makes sense. I could achieve this now, but I would have to show all bar numbers and then hide all the ones I don’t want. It just seems rather silly (limiting) when there is an easy option to hide them once displayed, but there’s no corresponding option to display them at any given bar.

Could you use the right-click contextual menu to add a Bar Number Change (without actually changing the bar number) for a bar number that you wanted to be visible?

By George! It worked like a charm! :stuck_out_tongue: