Hide bracket for simultaneous tuplets

Often I have simultaneous tuplets in several voices but only want to show one tuplet bracket to avoid visual noise and clutter. Is there a way to hide tuplet brackets?

If not, a feature request please?


Yes, select the tuplet(s) whose brackets you want to hide, and have a look in the Properties panel (Ctrl+8 to hide/show it).

Taking this further, can the entire tuplet sign be hidden when two voices have the same one, so only one number will be visible?
As in the attached example from Schumann’s Carnaval for instance.
Screenshot 2016-12-06 19.15.39.png
Screenshot 2016-12-06 19.17.09.jpg

In the properties panel, set “Number” to display only the bracket (i.e. hide the number), and “Bracket” to display only the number (i.e. hide the bracket).

I see… thanks. not very intuitive!

Thanks for this. As another poster has said, this is not intuitive at all, and rather clunky. Could we not have a simple hide tuplet function?

And how to hide the numbers themselves as seen so often in classical score?

As Rob says:

You can also make Dorico do it automatically by selecting you’re global preferences in ‘Engraving options’ (cmd+shift+E / ctrl+shift+E) -> Tuplets. You might find the ‘Repeated tuplets’ section interesting.