Hide clef after first system - possible ?

I would like to have the clef shown only on the first system, but the manual says I can’t hide clefs.
Maybe someone has a solution…?

The easiest way is to create a treble clef as a custom playing technique. Then in the Music Symbols editor, find the treble clef and delete it. Then add the treble clef to the first staff as a “playing technique.”

I say that’s the easiest way, but it’s the only way I know! It feels janky but works pretty well.

There is an “invisible treble clef” in the Uncommon Clefs tab in the right hand side panel. Just put a clef change after the first note.

But there isn’t an invisible bass clef, so if you want that you will have to do something like Dan’s work round.

Works great!
Thank’s guys :slight_smile: