Hide clef at beginning of 2nd ending & 8vas

In this example I want to hide the treble clef in the 2nd ending. It is necessary because of the bass clef in the repeat measure, but since you skip the first ending the 2nd time it is not visually necessary in the 2nd ending. I’ve never seen a published piece of music that does this. I see nothing obvious in the properties panel to change it.

I also need to add an 8va continuation over just the first note in the second ending. It should be in parentheses. Is there any way to show an 8va without the extension bracket (something very common in piano music and useful when just one note is 8va).

Input an “invisible” clef? If memory serves, the invisible clef defaults to behaving as if it were treble.

There are also ways of hiding clefs in either concert/transposed pitch scores. E.g. here.

Yes, indeeed! How would LvB have managed with Dorico? :smile: