hide clefs & key signatures at the beginning of staves

Then I think this is the easiest from my perspective. Spares you to think about a) entering the right pitches (other than written) and b) hide all the accidentals.

It would be a trick working with this particular piece and key, but not on a more general level (what if you also have an F timpani?). Of the various workarounds, the one of hiding accidentals selected via the Filter Pitch command, in a No Key type of independent staff, is the one that is convincing me more. Being able to hide the key signature (and, in general, everything appearing on page) would be my preferred, cleanest solution.


As this still seems without any easy solution, I add an example of a score where I could use the function.
SUCCESS — 2nd Cornet.pdf (885.9 KB)

Check Notation Options …



Key Sigs


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Seems like the solution is to wait for my bank accounts to fill up a little, and the buy an update … This is not to be found in Dorico 3.5 – I suppose you have Dorico 4?

Yeah, this is in D4. I can’t remember if it’s new to 4 or not, but if you aren’t seeing those settings it must be.

These are indeed new features in Dorico 4.