Hide Cue/Chord Slashes only in Tabulature?

Hello - is it possible to hide the Slashes ONLY in Tabulature.

I was not able to hide them. I also tried scaling to zero but that affects also the staff notation…

Any ideas / workarounds?

Thanks a lot!

Good news.

After I tried to figure it out yesterday for quiet a while - I wanted to give it one more try after posting here…

I just found the option „hide notehead“ in the properties panel which does the job! I always tried „hide item“ which does not work!

Any ideas how to hide the tie?

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the forum @Johannes.Maas

You’re welcome!


Hey Johannes!

As you have discovered, TAB notation in Dorico is rather inflexible.
My solution, and I consider this a workaround until Dorico allows me to determine precisely what is included in TAB and what isn’t, is

  1. Displaying only notation in the main staff and
  2. creating a second player, displaying only TAB.

That way, I can freely delete and hide things not helpful in the TAB, such as slashes, ties slurs, articulations and more.
You just duplicate to staff below, and magic happens… :wink:


Thanks Benji,

I came from Sibelius a few months ago - mainly because of the much better guitar/tab notation. I wrote Tabs in Sibelius exactly this way with the clear advantage that you really have control over everything.

I found that it slows down note entry quiet a bit and I‘m much faster now with dorico. I also sometimes had accidental errors when I edited tab or notation and forgot to change the other part.

For the most cases - I will try to stick to one instrument as dorico does a decent job - especially with the design mode (Sibelius‘ dynamic guitar staves are really unusable for professional use…)

I just discovered that I was able to set the slur thickness to zero in the TAB in engrave mode (End thickness and middle thickness).

So I managed to get the desired result. Though it isn‘t near to convenient.

Thanks for your help!


As a note to the developer team: It would be great if could just select the four slashes and the slur and press a shortcut for HIDE.

Is it really an advantage to distinguish between hiding notes and items?

Surely that is a tie? If so, you have many choices in Engraving Options>Tablaature>Ties…


It‘s a „Laissez vibrer“ tie.

The normal tie in the example on the last note is not displayed in Tab (number 8, note Bb).