Hide dashed 8va and loco lines?

I’d like to see a way to hide the line for when “8va” is wanted above just one note or chord. Including the line looks a little odd. See attached.

That seems like it’d be REALLY confusing, since wtihout reading way ahead there’d be no way of knowing if the 8va was on the one note or there was a loco way ahead.

In piano music, an 8 placed below a single bass note without a va or dashed line following it means col ottava (add the lower octave) for that one note. Does Dorico handle this notation?

Not semantically. It’s a matter of a minute’s work to set it up as a custom playing technique though.

Thanks, pianoleo.

Hi Daniel! Another reason for an 8va sign without a line could be if you have a section between repeats and you want the second “round” up the octave, in which case having a line through the whole section would be unnecessarily obtrusive. Instead it could be better simply to state ‘seconda volta 8va’ at the start. Thanks for your work!