Hide Duplicate VST2/VST3 Plugins Preference

I would say %90 of my plugins have both VST2 and VST3 versions, I install both for old project compatibility reasons as well as for use in any DAW that is only VST2 or of which I’m using an older version of that DAW with only VST2.

I only add the VST3 versions to my plugin collections.

It would be great if I could hide all the duplicates in the plugin directory so that any plugin with the same name that has both VST2 and VST3 versions, would only show the VST3.

Now, having a ‘Show Only VST3’ feature, isn’t a solution here because some of my plugins are only VST2. ‘Show Only VST2’ and ‘Show Only VST3’ should be separate features.


just to reclarify, I am talking about the root directory browser that shows all found plugins in VST paths, not the curated collection list


I did it manually and does not take up much time. You do it once anyway.

What do you mean? do what manually?

Create your own list…

I do all my lists manually? That’s the point of the request. I don’t need/want to add both VST2 and VST3 duplicates to my custom lists. Being able to filter them out in the directory browser would expedite the process exponentially.

In the plugin manager you can hide the vst2 versions of plugins one by one, which is a one time process.

Hi, I will try and reiterate this one more time

I am not talking about the curated collection list. I am talking about the master directory list on the left. Hiding does not hide in the master directory list.

As you can see, some filters already exist, I’m essentially asking for some additional filters. perhaps though, maybe separate from this list as they could be used in conjunction with one another.


Maybe I don’t understand but
here is my IK plugins with vst 2 versions hidden and they are hidden everywhere from plugin manager to right zone browser. I only see vst3 versions.

I do not use the top custom filter of Plugin manager.
I use the ‘‘hide’’ check box at the bottom of the manager info panel for each plugin.

And you can sort for version and can select multiple plugins and check the “hide” box for them together…

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be looking at there, how are you accomplishing this? They don’t disappear for me?

But it’s actually sort of beside the point even if I can get that to work which I seem to cant… I don’t maybe always want them hidden, I may want to maintain an overview of everything to know what is on my system.

And although I appreciate the suggestion (If I could get it to work), the feature request is still valid to do this quickly in one click.

@st10ss Although, you would still have to select them one by one, as shift+clicking would highlight ones you don’t want to hide. not very efficient.


@ozinga don’t understand how we’re not getting the same result… How do you unhide yours if they are no longer visible to be selected… are you sure your VST2s are part of your search paths???

Sorry, no you are right. Mine also shows the hidden ones as greyed out in manager. The thing with IK was a mistake on my part. But then again using this method the vst2 versions are hidden in the right browser list or drop down insert menu which I thought what you wanted to achieve as well.
By the way I agree with your request would be good but until then this seems to be the only option to hide select vst2 versions from showing up when looking for a plugin.

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Ahh okay, all good.

Yeah I mostly only use my own custom curated Plugin Collection lists, so the VST2 duplicates aren’t in mine anyways, my suggestion was sort of based on being able to make those custom collection lists a lot quicker if not having to worry about all the duplicates in the main directory list.

But hiding them from the automated default list is a good tip that I will follow through on.