Hide empty staves: All or none in a group

As a part of an ensemple, I have a SATB choir. I’d like the whole choir to be hidden from the score when no-one sings, but I’d prefere the whole group to be shown even if only one of the choral lines has music in it.
Can this be achieved flow-wide?

No, it has to be done by forcing each empty staff to be shown by including e.g. an empty text item somewhere on that staff in each system where the staff should appear.

Adding greater flexibility for hiding and showing empty staves is something we will certainly address in a future version.

Thank you!

My advice is: first, turn off Stave Hiding.

Then, add a Text item with one space in it in the middle of a system on one staff.
Then, in Engrave mode, uncheck the option in the Properties pane to Avoid Collisions. (i.e. Don’t avoid collisions.)
Then, in Write mode, Alt-click this text object to other staves. Or use Duplicate to Staff Above/Below.

Continue copying this flag through your document anywhere that needs it. Then turn on hiding and see how it looks.

Thanks for your full tutorial!