Hide empty staves + condensing?

I have “hide empty staves on” and it looks how I expect. When I enable condensing, Dorico reintroduces the hidden player and puts a rest for them in the staff. Is there a way to use these together so Dorico will only condense staves that have music in them, and completely hide any empty staves?

As usual when condensing is at play, we need the file to diagnose the problem accurately. There probably has been a condensing change that prevents Dorico to ignore the empty staff, of there needs to be one to force Dorico to ignore it… Depends on your condensing options (in Notation options).
Hope it helps!

Here you go:

condensing-hidden-staves.dorico (386.9 KB)

with condensing off:

with condensing on:

and here’s the setting that does what I want!

Dear Pat1,
The setting does not really do what you want (there are more than 2 instruments involved in this option, and it’s about changing the order of the instruments). You can add a condensing change at the beginning of the note, with manual condensing on the oboes, and « no condensing » selected. You’ll only have Oboe 1 appearing then. Put another condensing change with reset next time oboe 2 plays something.

I don’t consider myself a condensing specialist, so there might be other more elegant solutions, but this one works.