hide empty staves exceptions

hi there,

I’m working on an orchestral score and have selected for Dorico to “hide empty staves” after the first system as well as hide individual empty staves for multi-stave instruments.

However – I have a problem because this score has marimba, celesta and harp, whose empty staves take up a lot of room on the first system… and I’d love to hide one of their empty staves on the first page.

How can I work with exceptions to the “hide empty staves” rule on a page-by-page basis?


There is currently no direct way to make exceptions to Hide Empty Staves. As a workaround, use shift-X text to make an empty text box (with a space, for example). That will cause a staff not to be hidden; the empty text will be marked with a signpost. Then you can set Hide Empty Staves to the entire score, including the first page.

that was a great suggestion - thank you!

… however, this does not entirely solve my problem, as I still have clashing staves on the first system… and nowhere else in the score.
Is there a chance to have different size staves on the first page rather than on the others? or is it more of a matter of exporting two PDFs and then merging?

AFAIK there are two different conventions. Either you have a text page listing all the instrumentation and the first music page can then have hidden staves, or you show the complete instrumentation on the first music page .

You could reduce the staff size a bit on just the first page to display all the staves. Add a system break at the start of the score and change the staff size with the properties panel.

Unless your title takes a lot of space on the first page, you will probably hit the same vertical space problem later on in a tutti passage when you need all the staves. You could create a separate title page to make more space on the first music page, of course.

that’s also wise, Rob, thank you!