Hide empty staves of groups

Hi. I’ve seen topics about hiding staves but I still have questions.
I already know that I can go to Layout Options → Vertical Spacing → Hide empty staves: After first system. And that to hide only a few instruments (ex: percussion), I can select all other instruments to be excluded from hide empty staves.
Additionally, if I want to manually hide staves, I have to create system breaks, double click, choose the staves to be hidden, and on the next one double click and reset.

However, here are my questions
1) if I want to hide empty staves throughout the score ONLY IF all staves from a group are empty (example: all brass instruments are empty), how can I do this?

2) If I am manually hiding staves, is there a way I can prevent non-empty staves to be hidden? This is particularly important to avoid letting a stave with music written hidden.

3) Is there a way to hide staves manually without creating system/frame breaks? Sometimes I want to change the system breaks I did, and the score becomes very disorganized. For example, on the picture below, I just deleted the system break on the second page, and this happened:

In Engrave mode, select the System/Frame Break at the start and, in Properties, deselect “wait for next system break”.

  1. If you want to hide staves by family only, it will have to be done manually. This will become very tedious for a long score. I have never seen this requirement before.
  2. If you go manual, it is all manual. Staves hide where you tell them to, regardless of content.
  3. No, manual staff visibility is an attribute of system breaks.

That’s a domain Dorico really needs to improve in my opinion, especially apparently not having an option to prevent staff with music of being hidden manually. This is too dangerous in the sense that you can accidently hide something you did not intend to and do not realize until the rehearsal, which may be too late.

Perhaps a prompt for this might be useful.