Hide empty staves within percussion kit?

In my piece there are two toms and two woodblocks, but the woodblocks only make a brief appearance at the end. I would like all of these to be in percussion kits in order to have cross-staff notation. If I have two separate kits, one for toms and one for woodblocks, the result is confusing to read because only the toms are listed at the left:

But I don’t want two empty woodblock staves to accompany the rest of the toms’ music throughout the piece. Is there a way to make one percussion kit and hide the woodblocks when they aren’t used?

Make two kits: one with just toms and one with both toms & wood blocks (rename instruments if necessary to get rid of the numbering) and make a prudent decision where to switch to the combined kit. That way you will only have one Instrument Change.

Thanks, yeah I was wondering if this was the only way to do it. For this piece that works fine because it’s just one tiny section that needs to be put into a new kit.

Am I the only one who does not seem able to assign more than one kit to a single Player?

You may well be, yes. It’s easily done: just click the + button as you normally would to add an extra instrument to the player, and add the extra kit.

I was trying to drag a second drum set into a similar Player rather than create a new one. I encounter this situation a lot when I combine flows and then have to clean them up. Even though I ask Dorico to merge like instruments, I still end up with multiple/duplicate players relatively frequently.

When importing flows (or even MusicXML) it seems that Dorico is looking for the (exact default) Instrument name (only), not the player name.

In fact, Dorico is looking for the sound assignment as well (which may be what you meant), but in the case of the drums, they are all from the same Dorico drum set.

That makes sense, because I had one project in two versions: one on my main computer (with sounds) and one with “muted” playback. When importing the previously exported flows I had to re-arrange most of them to their respective player/instrument and remove the doubled instruments.