Hide event name in the key editor

When in the key editor, is there a way to hide the event’s name that is shown at the beginning and at the end of the sample ? It sometimes gets in the way when I want to set the project cursor position.

You can use the Show part borders tool, in the toolbar of the key editor :


You can also place the cursor on the key editor area by shift+alt(option) and click

That’s it. Thanks!

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Thanks for answering. I didn’t understand what shift+alt does though. On my side, Alt turns to drawing mode (pencil) and shift doesn’t seem to do anything.

First Press Shift then while holding it press Alt and Click anywhere in the key editor note area. Also works on the project area.


Hi, sorry for the late reply. That keyboard shortcut doesn’t work for me. When I press shift, holding it then pressing Alt :

  • if in the key editor, the project cursor indeed appears and follows my mouse cursor (which itself turns to a pencil) but then when I click that doesn’t set the project cursor. Also side note: despite the pencil appearing I can’t draw but only select.
  • if in the project area, same behaviour but there it does draw an event.
    See screen capture :
    Shift-alt_Project cursor

I forgot to mention the version I’m using, which is Cubase Artist 8.5. Do you think that could explain it ?