Hide Flows?

Is it possible to hide Flows? It would be nice to hide the flows that I’m not currently working on to get them out of the way.

You can uncheck them in Setup mode - have you tried that?

Yes, but don’t see a checkbox

You can remove them from layouts but you can’t hide them from the bottom panel in setup mode.

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OK, now I see. Thanks!

I would think a checkbox in the bottom panel would be more consistent with how Players and Layouts work

Trying to get my head around what you mean by this -as far as I can tell they do - you click on a player, the layouts and flows that it is in are selected, so you can select and unselect them. You click on a layout, the same happens with players and flows. You click on a flow etc.

I think if you were able to simply “uncheck” a flow without a layout selected it would cause pandemonium - flows disappearing unexpectedly from layouts, careful engrave-mode work down the drain…

Seriously though, the flexibility of layouts is one of Dorico’s hugely useful features. You can safely deselect flows and players from layouts to your hearts content without destroying any content- it’s not dissimilar to Photoshop and Logic’s non destructive editing…

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Yes - sorry I wasn’t at my computer when I replied the first time. In the right-hand panel I select a layout (e.g. Full score), and then in the bottom panel I uncheck any flows I no longer need in my full score. I make lots of flows as sketches, and then I can easily have the full score layout only show my final version, by unchecking all those other flows.

You could also create a new layout (Full Score, rename it “working” or something else), then tick or untick instruments in that layout as you wish for working with them. This won’t alter your original Full Score layout (which you can always go back to for reference).

The power of creating custom layouts for various working instrument groups just blows me away (once I finally grokked it).


Some of us, me included, create a separate layout for each flow individually - that way you can just select the layout and hey presto, you can work on that flow uninterrupted.