Hide / get around bar thingy over each measure?

In write mode there is a greyed out bar over the music staff that turns orange when you click on it – has a garbage can on the left and a square to check on the right. I don’t know what this is called (??).

My question is whether there is any way to hide this or “get behind it” to work on music or text that inevitably gets hidden behind it?

The only way I can figure out how to deal with it is to go to the engraving tab and start to manually adjust the height between the staves. This is a nightmare to do manually, and particularly so when I have to do it temporarily to deal with something that is hidden by that bar in the write mode. I almost always have to adjust staves manually, and the less I have to do this the better.

It’s called the System Track, and is useful for selecting (and adding or deleting) whole bars. IIRC, you can toggle its visibility with Alt-T (AKA Option-T on Mac).

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Thanks very much. I know it is useful. But it is not useful all of the time. Thanks for the tip on how to toggle it off. Now … I just need to remember how to remember this magic trick …

There’s also the View menu, where you can toggle the System Track on and off.

ohhh – cool! thanks!