Hide inputs and outputs in mixer?

Hi folks,

I have a large amount of inputs and outputs in my system (16 ADAT, 64 MADI), and i want to have quick access to a lot of them.

So i’ve made templates (in & out) where i have many ins / outs pre-assigned in the audio connections.

But the thing is, when i start a new project, with no tracks whatsoever yet created, they ALL appear as channels in the mixer.

This is kinda crazy, why do they appear there when i haven’t yet even created a single track?

I know i can do “hide all” in the mixer, then un-hide the ones i want to see. But this places limitations on how i use the view features of the mixer. If, for example i want to see all my tracks in my mixer, i can unhide all, but then i’ll see these 70+ unused inputs and outputs.

Anyone got any tips on how to deal with this?

I just can’t understand the logic of creating mixer channels that have no actual track or bus routing to or from them in the project!

Thanks! …J

Try making a few different project templates set up with your different saved I/O preferences and whatever tracks you want sync’d to the mixer. Then start your projects using one of those templates.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I hide them in mixer 1 (F3) and use mixer 2 and mixer 3 for in’s and out’s.
I have assigned the mixers to dedicated keys on a generic remote.