Hide Inserts Not In Use (leave one empty)

The insert slots, especially in the inspector, take up ALL of the precious vertical space that should be able to be used with other inspectors.

I think the audio inserts inspector should default to “Number of Inserts in Use + 1”. The +1 is an empty insert slot at the end for adding a new insert.

If dynamic resizing like this isn’t possible, then at the very least, a configuration option that allows me to choose how many of the insert slots should be visible would be helpful.

Since the addition of new insert slots, the track inspector has become pretty much useless!

+1 for showing the inserts plus one.

BTW… I thought I read a post that said that you can adjust the number of slots showing somewhere in the inspectors setup menu (gear button at the bottom of the inspector). I never checked but, please report back if you do. Thanks. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

No, there’s an option in one of the 2 setup menus for whether to show the Audio Inserts panel in the inspector, but no options for editing the number of inserts that should be shown. :frowning:

Too bad… sorry.
I have since searched a little and only found posts saying the amount of slots shown in the mixer is adjustable (not Inspector).

So we stick to your original request for some kind of dynamic sync to show slots used plus 1 in the inspector.

Regards. :sunglasses: