Hide Instrument/Voice Staff Number

I’ve imported four .xml files from Finale which form a vocal/orchestral cantata. There are four flows. Each flow attaches a number to the voice or instrument - i.e. Mvt. I has no number, Mvt. II appends the number 1 to each voice and instrument (Violin I 1, Violin II 1), Mvt. III appends the number 2 and so on. Since these four movements are all part of one piece, and the voices/instruments are the same player/vocalist, how do I remove the appended numbers?

It sounds like you’ve added new players for each flow when you imported each MusicXML file, instead of choosing the option to merge the incoming players with existing players in your project where possible. If you’ve not done too much work on your project since you imported the various MusicXML files, your best bet would be to start again, and this time make sure you set the option to merge players.